Monday, 29 May 2017

Kidbrooke Beer & Cider Festival 25-27/05/2017

The Kidbrooke Beer Festival - Thursday 25th May 2017

Charlton Park RFC, 60a Broad Walk, Kidbrooke, London SE3 8NB

I have not been to this festival before, but MB, who I went with this evening, visited it last year and recommended we take a look. We travelled by train to Kidbrooke station and then walked the rest of the way (about 10 minutes or so). It wasn't too bad a journey getting there but, due to the darkness (and I daresay also a little alcohol), the way back to the station proved a little confusing at first.

There was a choice of about 50 real ales and 20 ciders & perries and several food stalls offering delights such as a hog roast, pizzas and sausage rolls. MB and I were going to go for a hog roast sandwich but by the time we got to looking into it further the stall had closed.

Tonight was a little unusual for us as we chatted a lot and missed out on sampling more beers than we could have done. Also, for a change, I decided I would round off the evening with a perry. Now, the latest adverts on TV for some ciders really annoy me (and MB). One in particular states that they offer a pear cider, but it is in fact a perry (no apples are involved in the process). Therefore, if there are no apples in it, it cannot by definition be a cider.

As an aside, whilst we sat outside sampling our ales, we spotted the International Space Station fly over. MB is a space flight expert, so when I pointed out a slowish moving object in the sky whilst we were discussing the ISS and asked if that could be it, he said that it was indeed the ISS.

Beers (and perry) drunk this evening :

1) Blonde (3.6%) - Settle Brewing Co., North Yorkshire - a light golden ale with fruit and citrus overtones
2) Copper Ale (3.7%) - Palmers Brewery, Dorset - Copper coloured bitter with hoppy aroma
3) Golden Jackal (3.7%) - Wolf Brewery, Norfolk - A hoppy, citrusy ale with dry bitter after taste
4) Golden Bolt (3.8%) - Steam Vox Brewery, Wiltshire - Straw coloured bitter with hoppy aftertaste
5) Medium Perry (6.0%) - Hartland Farmhouse Brewery, Gloucestershire - Mildly sweet with white-wine-like aftertaste

I also tried a mouthful of the following just for giggles...
Red Top (3.8%) - Old Dairy Brewery, Kent - Copper coloured bitter with caramel and hops
Electric Mountain (3.8%) - Heavy Industry Brewery, Wales - A dry, hoppy session bitter
Trade Union Pale Ale (4.5%) - Three Sods Brewery, East London - A tasty pale ale with citrus flavours

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