Monday, 6 March 2017

The Tudor Rose

The Tudor Rose - Saturday 4th March 2017

Tudor Rose, 31, 29 High St, Upper Upnor, Rochester ME2 4XG

My good friend GW has been quite ill for the last couple of years with recurring bronchitis and pneumonia. He has been in and out of hospital quite a few times and as a result I have not seen him regularly for a while. In the last three or so years we have literaly only seen each other for Oktoberfest in 2014 and a couple of Star wars films when they were released the last couple of years. Ordinarily we see each other around once or twice per month. He is not a great drinker but does enjoy the occasional beer - he is more interested in visiting new and interesting places and having great chats.

Thankfully, he is feeling much better now and he is up for getting out and about a bit more. This is good, as we often get to some of the more far flung pubs when we venture out. Tonight was a revisit to one of our favourites, The Tudor Rose in Upnor.

This is a great little pub situated on a cobbled street that runs down to the Thames (Edit: eeek, what a poor bit of geographical nonsense I wrote there - apologies) Medway past a Henrican castle. At the top of the street is another pub that we also visit regularly, but we decided on The Rose for our first trip out.

I was not to be disappointed with the three ales on pump and two on tap as well as all the usual fare for a small village pub that also caters for a lot of tourists during the holiday seasons. Unlike when I pop out with MB, GW and I generaly chase each drink down with a bag of peanuts, pork scratchings, cheese moments or suchlike. Unfortunately, since the last time we visited (maybe three years ago) they have stopped withteh locally produced pork scratchings. They do offer a decent meal, but we decided not to partake on this occasion; both to save money and leave room for a traditional kebab on the way home.

One other difference this time was that the TV was played at quite a loud volume. They normally show sport in the background with the sound down very low but I think because it was a David Haye title fight, there was sufficient interest to put the volume up.

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Master Brew (4.0%) - Shepherd Neame Brewery, Faversham, Kent - an easy drinking, amber session ale
2) Whitstable Pale Ale (3.9%) -Faversham Steam Brewery, Kent - a light, refreshing pale ale

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