Thursday, 16 February 2017

Wetherspoon's London Beer Festival (Day 7)

Wetherspoon's London Beer Festival - Thursday 2nd February 2017

234-236 Broadway, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 8AS
As the choice of beers was so poor at The Furze Wren, MB and I decided to try our other local Wetherspoons instead. The choice was a bit better this time. We decided not to eat as we are both on a bit of a budget at the moment.

We managed to get a booth at the pub, which was nice, and we had a great conversation. An observation on the patrons at the other table that shared our booth: two gents were there for a couple of beers and a curry. Other than asking each other what they wanted to drink and eat when it was their round, they did not say another word to each other during their entire time there. Both spent the evening on their smart phones. I don't know what his says about them but to me I would have got up and left as soon as the other person's phone came out. When I go out, I want to talk and interact with those I am with, not my phone - I can do that any time, and it would cost a darn sight less if my "night out" was conducted at home. Am I an old git that is not up with the times? I don't know about that, but I'd rather speak to a person than a piece of electronic gadgetry.

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Pacific Pale Ale (4.0%) - Enefeld Brewery, Enfield, London - a golden, fruity ale
2) Copper Leaf (4.0%) - Wimbledon Brewery, London - a fruity, copper-coloured ale with a pine undertone
3) Pearly Queen (4.5%) - East London Brewery, Leyton, London - a smooth, creamy, mahogany coloured porter
4) Imperial IPA (5.7%) - Southwark Brewery, Southwark, London - a very hoppy, fruity golden beer

Unfortunately, we were unable to get to any other Wetherspoon pubs for the duration of this festival. It was a bit of a damp squib for us (we only tried 6 out of the 20 ales on offer); maybe things will be better for the international festival in a few months' time?

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