Friday, 13 January 2017

Thursday Curry Night

Furze Wren - 12th January 2017

Broadway Square, 6 Market Place, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7DY

I had not been out for a beer for four weeks, so I decided to call up MB to see if he fancied a curry and some beers. I am on a tight budget due to my lack of work at the moment, so The Furze Wren, a Wetherspoons pub with a Thursday night Curry Club, seemed like the best option for my wallet.

I battled a sudden snow flurry and subsequent deep freeze by taking the bus to the pub (the bus stops are directly outside my house and directly outside the pub - how is that for convenience?). I arrived in good time as a result and got chatting to a couple of gentlemen at the bar who were members of the local CAMRA society. They gave me a few good tips regarding Wetherspoons pubs and the aftermath of their frequent beer festivals (another is due at the end of the month). When a festival is finished, all the unused beer in the smaller branches/pubs gets transported to one of the major pubs in the area - in my case, this would be The Furze Wren - as they will be more likely to sell the last knockings before the beer turns. So, when I missed out on hitting those elusive few beers at the end of the festival in November, I could have gone to the Furze and maybe grabbed one of the last pints available from the unfinished barrels the week after. He also mentioned that the Great Harry in Woolwich was another that took in the unfinished barrels for its local area. Thanks for the tip gents.

This evening, due to the inclement weather, we were able to have a choice of tables to sit at as it was quite empty. We manged to sit in a booth and chat the evening away over a beef Madras (MB) and a chicken Jalfrezi (me). As mentioned previously, these curries will never win awards but they are filling and reasonably good value for what you get on your plate.

Beers drunk on this visit :
1) Best Bitter (4.0%) - Courage (Charles Wells) Brewery, Bedford - a pale brown, easy drinking session bitter
2) Lancaster Bomber (4.4%) - Thwaites (Marston's) Brewery, Wolverhampton - an easy drinking, rich, malty amber beer
3) Decadence (4.4%) - Brewster's Brewery, Grantham, Lincolnshire - a golden, hoppy beer with a citrusy aftertaste

A little bit of trivia here - a brewster was a medieval female brewer. Sara Barton set up Brewster's Brewery back in 1998 due to her love of beer. Good on her! She certainly knows how to brew a, dare I say, decadent ale.

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