Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Seasonal Siesta

Mixteca Mexican restaurant - Thursday 8th December 2016

3 Royal Oak Rd, Bexleyheath DA6 7AD

This restaurant has only been open for a few weeks, so MB and I decided to pay it a visit, mainly for the food but also to see what world beers that they might have on offer. It was not very busy in there but half-a-dozen tables were booked. The waiting staff were very attentive without being claustrophobic and it was easy to strike up a banter with them.

We were both quite hungry so plumped for a starter and a main course. We both had a large portion of  nachos that were suppsoedly for 1-2 people (I went for pulled pork) to start, the size of which alone would have been enough for me for the evening. However, the avocado salad burger was very tasty when it arrived and I managed to finish most of that (I left most of the fries as I just did not have the room). MB had the same problem as me, his burrito was the size of a small pillow and would have fed three people easily.

The food was of very good quality and the portions were large, so if you have a big appetite and fancy some tasty Mexican fare when you are on your travels in Bexleyheath, pop into Mixteca and grab a table.

Now, onto the beers. They stocked all the usual Spanish/Mexican bottle beers but there were a few on their menu that I had not tried before. I am not really a lager drinker, but with a meal I can make exceptions, especially if they are from far flung places around the world.

Beers drunk on this visit :
1) Pacifico Clara (4.5%) - Grupo Modelo SA de CV, Mexico City, Mexico
2) Modelo Esepeciale (4.5%) - Grupo Modelo SA de CV, Mexico City, Mexico

The Kings Arms

When we finished our meal, we still had an hour or two left of the evening, so MB and I decided to head back to our regular haunt (which we had not been to in several weeks) The Kngs Arms. We had a couple of Guinnesses and a good natured telling-off by the bar staff not to leave it so long between visits again.

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