Sunday, 25 December 2016

Christmas Day

Christmas Day Reflections - 25th December 2016

I have been lax again at updating the blog, but I have still been visiting the pubs and making a few notes about them and the beers they serve. I have a few more entries to input over the next day or two, but the slackness of Christmas Day after dinner, whilst the wife and father in law sleep off their excess and the kids play in their rooms, has allowed me to get to the keyboard and knock out a few entries in order to try to catch up.

I have noticed recently my drinking habits have changed quite a bit. I am running (another of my hobbies along with wargaming, reading comics and enjoying beer) a lot more these days and in order to get my times down I have also been on a bit of a diet (mainly just watching what I eat and eating less of it). This has resulted in my tolerance to alcohol dropping considerably. Whereas I might have enjoyed four or five beers over an evening (a mixture of pints and halves) a few months ago, I can now only manage a maximum of three beers. Not such a bad thing I guess health wise, but it means I cannot enjoy the variety on offer to its full extent. I am having to be more choosy.

The New Year, as a break from the old, will help me into a new way of thinking about my life. I will try to be healthier (more exercise and a little less of the good things in life - but I won't become a hermit) and start up my wargaming hobby again. A lot has changed for me this year, especially with the death of my father, and a lot more is due to change this year undoubtedly (I am yet again out of work - my latest contract ended on 23rd December).

I will be spending my time off reflecting on what I can do better both for myself and for others, writing more and catching up with my comic and wargaming habits (I have a lot to do for both of these). Depending on how things go, I will also be looking at the next tranche of building work that needs to be done in the house - namely my sons' room, a small toilet to walk-in-cupboard conversion and some plastering in the hall way.

I'll keep you up-to-date on these projects either here or on my wargaming blog.

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