Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Wetherspoon's Real Ale Festival Day 9

The Knight Templar - Thursday 20th October 2016

95 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1DT
This is a pub I have not been to for many years. It used to be an old bank and thus the decor is rather fantastic inside. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for one or two of the clientel - rude, brash and strutting around as if they owned the place. I was knocked into on three occasions by the same person without a single apology. Luckily none of my beer was spilled but this one particular individual really spoilt this pub for me.

Beers drunk on this visit :
1) Epic Brew (4.5%) - Wadworth Brewery, Wiltshire - A golden, spicy fruit flavoured bitter
2) Northern Knight (4.2%) - Maxim Brewery, County Durham - A blonde easy drinking citrusy beer

The Penderel Oak
283-288 High Holborn, Holborn, London WC1V 7HP
I have only previously been in this pub once or twice but I have walked past it many times, especially in my last job when I used to go for a walk every lunch time, weather permitting, seeing the main sites of the area (especially Lincoln's Inn Fields).

The atmosphere in this Wetherspoons was much more benign than the previous pub. It also sold a very tasty burger along with the beers on offer for the festival.

1) Phoenix Red (5.5%) - Castle Rock Brewery, Nottinghamshire - A hoppy, crisp mahogany beer
2) Old Crafty Hen (6.5%) - Greene King Brewery, Suffolk - A strong, malty fruity amber ale
3) Sloe Porter (5.0%) - Adnams Brewery, Suffolk -A dark porter with a tart, fruity flavour

The Shakespeare's Head
Africa House, 64-78 Kingsway, London WC2B 6AH
Again, a pub I have not been in for many years. This is a very large pub again and has plenty of places to sit or stand. The bar staff were very friendly and the beer was nicely poured. Unfortunately, they only had several beers that we had already had during our festival visits to other pubs. However, we did manage to grab one that was on the list.

1) Pilsner (3.8%) - Liberation Brewery, Channel Islands - A clean, crisp sweet lager - yes, lager!

Not part of the festival
1) Norfolk Nog (4.6%) - Woodfordes Brewery, Norwich, Norfolk -a smooth, rich old fashioned style ale

And this just leaves 13 ales to go!

4) Camerons - Press Gang (4.0%)
5) JW Lees - British Autumn Ale (4.1%)
9) Everard's - Pitch Black (4.3%)
10) Rooster's - Hope & Glory (4.3%)
11) Bentspoke - Braddon Bitter (4.5%)
12) Purity - Pure Era (4.5%)
14) Theakston - Vanilla Stout (4.5%)
20) Arundel - Coffee Milk Stout (5.0%)
21) Birrificio Foglie D'Erba - Hot Night at the Village (5.0%)
22) RCH - Return from the Ashes (5.0%)
23) Titanic - S.E.A. (5.0%)
25) Brewster's - Hop Quest (5.2%)
29) Truman's - Sampson Strong (5.8%)

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