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Pub Crawl along Watling Street

Watling Street Pub Crawl - Thursday 22nd September 2016

Wednesday lunchtime I had gone for one of my usual ambles around London Town, and spotted a few decent looking pubs on my travels. This got me excited and wanting to do something a bit different to the usual Thursday trip to The Kings Arms, I called MB and suggested we headed in the direction of Watling street instead. He agreed and so we met after work at...

The Seahorse

64 Queen Victoria St, London EC4N 4SJ

MB met me inside the pub straight after work and handed me a pint of Timothy Taylor's Landlord as I arrived. A great start to the evening. We decided to only stay here for the one as the main pubs were a five minute walk away on Watling Street - the old Roman road that runs the length of Kent from coast to capital.

The pub is a little strange looking from the outside and looks more like a wine bar inside, but they had a reasonable choice of beers in here.

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Landlord (4.3%) - Timothy Taylor, Keighley, Yorkshire - a citrus pale ale with a hoppy aroma

Number of visits: a few

Ye Olde Watling
29 Watling St, London EC4M 9BR
Apologies for the wobbly picture - it was rather busy at the time and I didn't really want to hang around taking pictures of lareg crowds of people. Maybe next time I will get a better shot.

This is a Nicholsons pub, so we knew just what we were getting here. We decided to grab a bite to eat, a very tasty burger, to line our stomachs for the evening ahead. There has been a pub in this site for many centuries, a note written on the woodwork above the bar states that it was rebuilt just before the Great Fire of 1666, so presumably was renovated again quite soon after the fire too.

Talking about shots - how's this for a view of Sir Christopher Wren's masterpiece - St. Paul's Cathedral.
Beers drunk on this visit :

1) American Pale Ale (4.8%) - Long Man Brewery,Litlington, Sussex - a robust bitter with citrus aroma brewed from American hops
Number of visits: 1st

Again, we only stayed in here for the one pint before we headed off to the next pub...

Williamsons Tavern

This pub is a little off the beaten track (off a side-street of a side-street of Watling Street) and was actually the main reason for this mini pub crawl. It was the one that actually caught my eye on my lunchtime walk. I have given three photos to show how to get there...

1 Groveland Ct, London EC4M 9EH

The second photo shows how narrow some of the old streets of London were back in the past - ideal for muggings when gentlemen and their lady companions left their drinking establishment of choice a little worse for wear.

I must admit that I got this one a bit wrong. I thought it was called Four Sisters, but that is the name of a wine bar down the same small court lane. This pub is also a Nicholsons pub and has a long coach house style set up. It is an L shaped pub with two bars, the larger being a dining area too. This is one of those pubs that if you blink as you walk past the side alley that it is down you will miss it. Luckily we didn't and found a real gem of a place.

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Keyboard Warrior (3.9%) - Wild Weather Ales, Silchester, Hampshire - an English brown ale with fruity taste and aromas

Number of visits: 1st

We headed away from Watling Street after this pint as we were both feeling unusually affected by the beers. We thought we might grab another pint at Charing Cross station, but as we got to CannonStreet we saw there was a train waiting to take us home.We took this as a good omen, so decided to call it quits for the evening. I daresay we will be back to the area soon though as we spotted a few more lovely looking taverns.

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