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Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash - Saturday 17th September 2016

Monday 19th September marked the latest in a long list of my birthdays - 50 of them in fact. I don't usually do much on my birthday; I have never even taken the day off work to celebrate it if it fell on a weekday. The only times I have ever celebrated my birthday were my 5th and 25th. So, I decided that a theme had developed here and would actually make an effort this year.

After a run a few weeks ago, NW suggested going to see a covers band he had seen a few times before. As the date coincided, near enough, with my birthday, I decided to use that as the excuse to get a few friends together for a few beers and some live music.

We decided to meet at the Crayford micro-pub, The Penny Farthing, at around 5:30 to 7:00 and then move on to see the band at The Bear and Ragged Staff just before 9:00 when they were due on stage.

The Penny Farthing

3A Waterside, Crayford, Kent DA1 4JJ
Ten of us met here today and started the session off with a few pints of great ale. Unfortunately, as this was my birthday bash, and I sank far more than I regularly imbibe, I lost track of some of the beers I drank, so cannot make a not of them. All I can remember of the beers I drank is that when the pints and halves were added together I had had six different beers (three of them here at the Penny Farthing).

It was a nice evening for a night out, and Crayford was quite busy. The Penny Farthing was full but we did manage to grab a table inside when a party of four left for pastures new. After a couple of beers had been sunk, the landlord popped round to each table with a few bowls of nibbles - most welcome to go along with the great beer. After we had all met up, we gave it until just before 9pm before we headed off over the road to see the covers band, whose name has slipped my mind.

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Summer Perle Golden Ale (3.8%) - Westerham Brewery, Westerham, Kent - slightly frfuity, easy drinking golden ale
2) Turbulent Priest (4.4%) - Wantsum Brewery, Hersden, Kent - a full-bodied, chocolatey bitter
3) Unknown
Number of visits : a few

The Bear and Ragged Staff

2 London Rd, Crayford, Kent DA1 4BH
We got into the pub before the band came on stage and managed to prop ourselves up at the bar. The pub was busy but not crowded. We proceeded to sink a few more pints whilst listening to the live band, who were actually a very tight ensemble playing a mixture of rock covers that included Muse, Cranberries and so on. I would definitely like to see them again, so I will have to ask NW when and where they are playing next.

Unfortunately, memory and phone notes became few and far between this evening, so I can only remember snippets of information on the beers drunk etc. Maybe on my next visit they will still have these beers on so I can grab the info on them.

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Frankenstein
2) London IPA

Number of visits : a few

After the beers we decided to go for a curry to round off the evening, but we had left it just a tad late as all the curry houses were closing for the night - maybe next time for my 75th?

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