Sunday, 14 August 2016

Wedded Bliss

The Orangery - Saturday 30th July 2016

Turkey Court Turkey Mill, Ashford Rd, Maidstone ME14 5PP
This is not really a pub, but I need to mention this venue as it was for the wedding of Mrs. Odo's best friend's daughter. It was a great day made even better due to the fact that the bar actually stocked a couple of decent bottled beers which I snapped up after the wedding procedures had been completed and we were onto the after-breakfast party. The choice of beers on tap was very poor (John Smith's Smooth and Guinness Cold), but I managed to spot a few bottles tucked away in the refrigerator.

Beers drunk on this visit : 

1) Doombar (4.3%) - Sharp's Brewery, Rock, Cornwall - a dry, fruity and hoppy amber ale
2) Spitfire (4.5%) - Shepherd Neame Brewery, Faversham, Kent - a fruity, hoppy bitter

It seems that recently I have been drinking a lot more bottled ale than ale on tap or pump. This is not a conscious choice but one of what has been on offer at the time. I have noticed too that the bottled beers seem to be stronger in alcohol content than their pump counter-parts. Perhaps that is because they are drunk in smaller quantities? Maybe something is lost when an ale is bottled and the alcohol content needs to be upped to compensate? These are just pet theories with no scientific backing or research involved.

Number of visits : 1st

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