Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Nag's Head, Es Canar, Ibiza

The Nag's Head, Ibiza - 3rd-10th August 2016

C. Cardona 29, Es Canar, 07840 Santa Eulalia, Ibiza
First up, apologies for the photo - I had to steal it from a very poor selection on the net. I must admit, I do usually use photos from the net, so if I have stood on any toes with copyrights please, owners, let me know and I will take them down if you disapprove. Unusually, this is the first holiday I have ever had where I took not one single photograph. Zilch, nada, zero. Even with the advent of cameras built into phones etc. for ease of carriage, I decided to leave my phone at the hotel every day. My wife and kids took their fair share of photos but I was just on holiday for the experience.

Anyway, the Nag's Head is touted as a very traditional British pub that is set in a side-street off the main drag that contains the bulk of the bars and restaurants. Luckily it was juust round the corner from the hotel we were staying in. Although it is touted as traditionally British, I found it to be more Australian in feel. The bar staff were very welcoming and chatty, answering all of our questions and bending over backwards to make us feel at home.

Onto the pub itself - the decor has plenty to link it to the great British sit-com "Only Fools and Horses", and the food menu looked fantastic (they boast they cook the best steaks on the island), but the drinks were more fitting with the rest of the bars in Ibiza; the local and Spanish lager brews (Estrella for one - not bad to have with our evening meals on the balmy Ibizan nights) or Guinness (which I have not touched abroad since a very bad experience in Lanzarote a few years ago).

There was one massive saving grace though - Krombacher on tap! This wound up being my beer of choice on the couple of visits we made to this pub. There were also a couple of small German beer bars along the main road, but I did not get time to sample their wares (which also included traditional German fare (wursts, schnitzel etc.).

Beers drunk on each visit :

1) Krombacher (4.8%) - Krombacher Brauerei, Kreuztal, Germany - a smooth German pilsner

Number of visits : 2

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