Monday, 15 August 2016

Southwark's Bermondsey Brew 1885

Southwark's Bermondsey Brew 1885

My friend MB bought me a bottle of this beer a few months back when he visited on of the UK's great beer festivals. It has languished on a shelf since then.

However, on Saturday night, after a scrumptious roast gammon dinner prepared by my good wife, I decided to try it. I refrigerated it to get it noce and cool and then savoured it in a large wine glass.

It was very hoppy (which I like) and had a long after taste. It came across as a rather strong ale, but it is only really of a medium strength. I really enjoyed the ale, sipping it slowly whilst surfing the net. The only downside was that as it is a brew in the bottle style beer, there was a wee bit of sediment which led to me losing out on one final mouthful.

Brewery: Southwark Brewing Company
Location: 46 Druid St, London SE1 2EZ
ABV : 4.0%
Notes: a light, golden ale with a hoppy, slightly fruity flavour

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