Sunday, 14 August 2016

Drinking in the Cursed Earth

Cursed Earth Book signing - Saturday 16th July 2016

By now gentle reader you may have realised I am a big comic book and RPG fan. These are my two main sedentary hobbies (reading and watching old films being others), but I also like to listen to heavy rock music, drink nice beer and go for the occasional run (now that my judo and rugby days are well and truly over).

Today took me on a trip to meet two of my all-time favourite British comic book artists; namely Brian Bolland and Mick McMahon. Both of these artists are my favourite Judge Dredd artists of yesteryear (there have been a few more that have joined this illustrious list since the 70s and 80s though). The wait outside GOSH comics in London's Soho was in the heat of a fine British summer's day. As a result of the wait and a good long chat about comics with a new friend, Leon, outside the shop I built up quite a thirst.

This time I was due to meet my long term friend and drinking buddy MB for a burger and beers afterwards. We grabbed a fantastic burger in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen and then popped round the corner into the Toucan for a couple of pints of Guinness.

The Toucan

19 Carlisle St, London W1D 3BY
Now this is a pub I have not been into for many a year. MB and I used to visit here almost religiously when we went through our Guinness phase. And, they still pour a fantastic pint of the black stuff. This time was a little different to all the other times we visited; we actually sat in the upstairs bar for a change. Well, I say a change, as we were both a little confused that the bar seemed so much smaller than we remembered it until the penny finally dropped and we both realised that we had not gone down the rickety stairs to the lower ground bar.

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Guinness (4.2%) - Diageo, Dublin, Ireland - the classic dry Irish stout

Number of visits : dozens

The Pillars of Hercules
7 Greek St, London W1D 4DF

As promised in an earlier post, I decided to re-visit a couple of the pubs I went to on my previous comics outing. This may become my standard day out when it comes to comics or gaming days out.

The Pillars did not disappoint again this time. They had plenty of beers on offer to quench our thirst, so MB and I dived in with a couple of classics. The ambience in the pub was great too, what with people coming and going all the time on this beautifully balmy day. I also resurrected a traditional, albeit rather puerile, ritual MB and I developed many moons ago; the throwing of a crisp (potato chips for my American readers) packet across the room from the bar without hitting any innocent bystanders but surprising the intended recipient. I made a successful cast and caught MB totally by surprise - I think this ritual will be back to stay for these two old fellas.

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Lazarus (4.2%) - Truman's Brewery, East London - a light golden very pale ale
2) Spitfire (4.1%) - Shepherd Neame, Faversham, Kent - a fruity, hoppy bitter

Number of visits : Several

The Crobar
17 Manette St, London W1D 4AS

A revisit to this great heavy rock pub. It was a lot busier this time and I stayed for a lot longer than on my previous visit. MB and I managed to get through a fair number of the bottled beers on offer. Luckily the great burger, fries and shake we had eaten earlier had lined our stomachs enough to allow us to tackle the stronger botled beers on offer.

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Trooper (4.7%) - Robinson's Brewery, Stockpport, Cheshire - a slightly hoppy, zesty dark amber ale
2) Queen of the Night (4.8%) - Los Muertos Brewery, Mexico - a dark amber American Pale Ale
3) Hop on or Die (6.8%) - DOA Brewery, Mexico - a very strong pale ale

Number of visits : 2

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