Monday, 22 August 2016


Cornet - Strong, blond Belgian beer

As mentioned in a previous post back in April, I was presented with this gift box by my good friends from the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp wargames club. The box has sat on my shelf in the mancave for the last few months gathering dust, but this weekend I decided to break the box open and have a taste.

The four bottles of beer were well presented in the box, and the free glass made for a nice addition to my beer glass collection. It is a large glass that has marks down the side for .33l, .5l and a pint! The beer is very lively and even with careful pouring I still managed to get a large head on it.

I generally only drink at home whilst eating a meal, so this accompanied some fine fare cooked by Mrs. Odo. However, I have to say that although it accompanied the meal (a Thai curry) rather nicely, it went better with the choclate muffins my daughters made for dessert.

Anyway, this is what the box and bottle have to say about the beer...

"This strong Blond Belgian beer (8.5 vol % alc.) was brewed by Theodoor Cornet exclusively for the adventurous count of Maldeghem/Steenhuffel (anno 1686). Formerly matured in oak barrels in the cellars of his castle.

The well rounded, oaked beer balances the fruitiness of the yeast and the sweet vanilla notes of the oak, leaving a warming feeling in the finish along with a smooth bitterness. Top-fermented beer with refermentation in the bottle."

For a strong ale, it did not taste as if it was high in alcoholic content. It did have a strong flavour, fruity and smooth, with a long aftertaste that lingered on the tongue. It accompanied a spicy dish as well as a chocolate dessert, so should be a great drink for most meals, or just sipped on its own. This is definitely not a beer to have more than one or two of in one session.

Brewery: Brouwerij de Hoorn
Location: N.V. Palm Brewers S.A., Steenhuffeldorp 3, B-1840 Steenhuffel, Belgium
ABV : 8.5%
Notes: a strong, blond beer with a smooth, fruity flavour

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