Saturday, 14 May 2016

Bavarian Beerhouse, Tower Hill

The Princess of Wales - Tuesday 10th May
27 Villiers Street, London, Greater London, WC2N 6ND

SH put out the call for another trip to the Bavarian Beerhouse in Tower Hill. MB, RT and I dutifully answered that call. However, we decided to meet up at the Princess of Wales first before heading down to the main event where we would meet SH.

I had forgotten that his was a Nicholsons pub and on arrival at the bar to purchase my pint I noticed that it was the 4th birthday celebration of one of their ales. Typically I missed this until after I had bought and paid for my drink. Ho hum.

Still, for the first time ever, when visiting this pub, there was no massive crowd out on the pavement and there was actually a table free when we arrived - nice. There is always a great buzz around this pub and the selection of beers certainly adds to the air of happiness.

Beers drunk on this visit :
1) Sambrook Session Pale Ale (3.4%) - Sambrook Brewery, Battersea, London - a golden session pale ale, easy to drink with a light bitter after taste

Number of visits : 1st / several previous

Bavarian Beerhouse, Tower Hill - Tuesday 10th May

9 Crutched Friars, London EC3N 2AU

Back to one of my favourite haunts in London. The beer is good, the food is tasty and the staff are friendly and very knowledgable about the refreshments on offer.

We all started off on the Krombacher Dunkel beer but after our food (I had the schnitzel, MB and SH had the spicy sausage platter, and RT had potato salad in a bun?) RT moved onto the standard weissbier. The beers slipped down very easily, so I am glad I stuck to the Krombacher rather than the much stronger Erdinger Dunkel which would have led to a rather serious head the next day.

Our waitress was Lina again. We have had her now on three separate occasions. She is always so very helpful, keeping an eye out for us old duffers and making sure we are well-oiled all night.

Beers drunk on this visit :
1) Dunkel (4.3%) - Krombacher Brauerei, Kreuztal-Krombach, Germany - a sweet, malty medium strength dark beer
Number of visits : several

RT had to leave bang on time (our table was only booked until 9:30pm) as he had to return to Luton but the rest of us finished our beers at a more leisurely pace and then headed over the road to the Cheshire Cheese; SH wanted to catch the end of the West Ham vs. Man. Utd. football match - the last ever at Upton Park - West Ham won, so gave the fans and stadium a good send off. I have drunk in this pub before (prior to a previous visit to the Bavarian Beerhouse), but as I only quaffed a soft drink I am only going to give this pub a passing mention. There were several beers on tap and the bar was busy considering it was midweek.

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