Saturday, 14 May 2016

21st Birthday

Kings Arms - Thursday 12th May 2016
156 Broadway, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7DW
I had been out for a long run with NW this evening and got home to a great pasta meal prepared by Mrs. Odo. However, after the last few nights out I was still in the mood for some great beer and rock music. On the off-chance I texted MB to ask if he was available, and as luck would have it, he was free.

We met at the Kings Arms at around 9pm. On the way in we noticed bunting and several 21 balloons. At the bar, whilst ordering our pints, we found out that one of the regular barstaff was having his birthday. In fact both of the usual barstaff were off tonight and the bar was run by the landlady and two other young ladies, one of whom served me on my brother-in-law's birthday pub crawl a few months back.

We started off on the Caledonian ale, but it was a little yeasty by the time we hit the bottom of our glasses. This beer has been quite hit-and-miss since we have begun drinking in here regularly. I imagine that it might just be our timing though, as we always seem to get to drink this ale just as it is going "off". Anyway, we moved swiftly onto the Guinness Extra Cold for the rest of the evening. This beer has grown on me recently, and makes for a nice change on occasion.

Anyway, the rock music pounded out of the speakers and the pub was a lot more packed than usual due to the birthday bash. There was a great atmosphere in here this evening, and the barstaff were very friendly, both those behind the bar and the usual two who were celebrating the birthday.

Beers drunk on this visit :
1) Edinburgh Castle (4.1%) - Caledonian Brewery, Edinburgh, Scotland - a malty, hoppy, smooth ruby ale
2) Extra Cold (4.2%) - Guinness Brewery, Dublin, Ireland - a chilled dry stout
Number of visits : several

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