Friday, 22 April 2016

The Wrong Un

The Wrong Un - Thursday 21st April 2016

234-236 Broadway, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 8AS

I met up wth MB again for our weekly budget beer and curry at one of the two Wetherspoons in Bexleyheath town centre. There was a stark comparison to last week as it was extremely busy. I got to the pub first and was lucky to grab a table just as my pint was poured.

MB arrived a little later, so whilst I waited I supped my pint and watched a bit of TV (without sound) on one of the large screens dotted around the place. Today was yet another sad day in the lives of our entertainment stars - Prince died today, aged only 57! Sadly, we can add him to a long list of others who have died this year; Lemmy (musician), David Bowie (musician), Ronnie Corbett (comedian), Paul Daniels (magician), Victoria Wood (comedienne and actress), Chyna (WWF wrestler) and Terry Wogan (entertainer). These were all people that had some effect on my early years. I am sure there are one or two I have missed. What a year so far :-(

After a bit of maudling whilst waiting for our curry, we had one of our usual put the world to rights chats that meandered all over the place. These chats make sense to us, but would rarely be followable by an outsider due to the many changes of subject, direction and timbre throughout. Our moods lifted once we got onto our next beer though.

There were several good beers on tonight but all were very strong, so we decided to go easy. In the end we only had two and a half pints, primarily due to the fact I started a new contract of work on Wednesday and I didn't want to turn up hung-over the next day. Unfortunately, as a result, we missed what looked like a couple of good beers.

Also, my work commitments meant that we did not go onto another pub after. I missed the rock music at the Kings Arms tonight and probably will do for another week or two as I have some more trips out planned in the coming weeks. I am due to meet up with SH next week and maybe GW the week after.

Beers drunk on this visit :
1) XPA (4.8%) - Exmoor Brewery, Wiveliscombe, Somerset - a bitter-sweet, strong golden ale
2) IPA (5%) - Redpoint Brewing Co., Taipei, Taiwan brewed under licence by Adnams - a strong pale ale
3) Powerhouse Porter (4.9%) - Sambrook Brewery, Battersea, London - a rich, dark chocolatey beer with a hint of fruit
Number of visits :  dozens

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