Sunday, 17 April 2016

Cornet Beer, Belgium

Cornet Beer, Belgium - Saturday 16th April 2016

Palm Belgian Craft Brewers
Steenhuffeldorp 3

I was very lucky this weekend. I attended the wargaming show Salute in London's Excel Centre this Saturday and met up with some of my great friends from the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp club. For writing an article for their show guide and providing them with some goodies for their goody bag at Crisis 2015 show in November last year they presented me with a gift box set of four bottles of Cornet Beer and a special glass to drink it from. They also gave me a box of chocolates and some very sweet treats called cuberdons, or in the local dialect neuzeke, which means "little nose". I must say I was very taken aback and not a little misty eyed with gratitude. It was very kind of them to think of me in this way. Thanks guys and girls.

This beer is being brewed again at the newly re-opened micro brewery De Hoorn, so it is a very new beer on the scene in Antwerp. I have yet to sample this brew as it has only just arrived in my clammy mitts and I want to savour it. I will choose an evening in the coming week or two and have a drinks session in front of the TV with Mrs. Odo, who is slowly developing a palate for real ale and quality beer.

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