Monday, 28 March 2016

Rock Night at the Kings Arms

The Kings Arms - Thursday 24th March 2016

156 Broadway, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7DW
This was a rather impromptu visit. MB and I had met at the Furze Wren for a repeat of the previous Thursday evening's entertainment of supping a mixed variety of ales on offer at the Wetherspoons real ale festival and grabbing a curry. Unfortunately, as we had got there a lot later than last week, the ten minute wait at the bar, and the fact that there were no tables available to sit at for our repast, we decided to get out whilst the going was good (I think the bar was this busy because it was the start of the four day Easter weekend with payday occurring at the same time) and went to find another pub.

We thought it might have turned into a mini-pubcrawl, but when we entered the Kings Arms the blast of heavy rock music brought a huge smile to my face. I de-aged by twenty years and headed to the bar.

Unfortunately the Caledonian Edinburgh Rock was off (end of the barrel) and they had no other ales on. We decided to settle on Guinness - a drink neither of us has had for quite a while. The music and Guinness made sure my butt stayed firmly on my bar stool for the rest of the night.

I found out after chatting to both the barstaff that Thursday night is a regular rock night. There was a huge range of ages present; many people with their leathers and band t-shirts, alongside many who did not look like they were rock fans at all. It was a great atmosphere and it went on until midnight - Yay! I shall certainly be visiting again on a Thursday evening, maybe after a trip to another pub for food and ale first. If the Caledonian is back on then that would make for an even better evening, but the Guinness wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Beers drunk on this visit:
1) Guinness Extra Cold (4.2%) - Guiness Brewery, Dublin, Ireland - a dry Irish stout

Number of visits : 2nd / dozens

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