Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Dial Arch

The Dial Arch  - Friday 22nd January 2016

Number 1 Street, The Warren, Royal Arsenal Riverside, Woolwich, London SE18 6GH
I have only been to this pub once before and it was for the same reason I returned to it again this evening, my longest known friend MB celebrated his birthday here - he hit the big five-oh on Wednesday. I arrived very early and had a good look at all the beers on offer. There was a bank of six or seven ales on tap, alongside the usual lagers, as well as a very large selection of wine.

I had already had a very large, late lunch in preparation for this evening's session, so I did not eat anything from the very tasty looking menu; maybe next time?

MB had a good turnout of friends for the celebration, with the prospect of several more arriving after I had left. I only knew one of them, so it was a good evening for meeting and chatting to some new people. The only problem with this bar, even though it is very large, is the lack of seating available for large parties. A couple of very kind ladies swapped their larger table with our much smaller one - thanks ladies!

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Wandle (3.8%) - Sambrook Brewery, Battersea, London - a great session amber ale
2) Naked Ladies (4.4%) - Twickenham Brewery, Twickenham - good body with a very hoppy taste
3) Redhouse Premium Ale (4.2%) - Bexley Brewery, Kent - a dark-ish pale ale
4)New Year's Resolution ??? - a ruby ale

Due to the nature of drinking in rounds I lost track of the name of the last beer I drank. After a follow-up text to MB the following day, he seemed to think it was New Year's Resolution, which is a ruby ale. I only had one ruby coloured beer that night, so it may very well have been that one. I will only log it as a maybe as I do not know for certain.

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