Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The Bavarian Beerhouse

The Bavarian Beerhouse (Tower Hill) - Tuesday 22nd December 2015

9 Crutched Friars, London EC3N 2AU

On the approach to Christmas, SH and I decided to get a few more of our fellow rugby supporters out. As it was at short notice and tables were at a premium, we only managed to round up MB and RT in time for this particular visit. RT has not been well recently, so this was a nice opportunity to see him and catch up after a 2 year break. He was on top form and we all had a great evening with plenty of witty banter passing across the table.

We managed to down three beers during our allotted 5:30-9:30pm shift and also partook of some fine Bavarian fare; the other three had variations on a sausage theme but I went for the Bavarian meatloaf topped with a fried egg, all on a bed of sauteed potatoes - yum!

This bar seems to be a lot quieter than the one in Old Street, but was still quite busy none-the-less. I think we will all be up for a return visit in the New Year to watch a bit of Bundesliga (although football is not really my thing) and a few more beers. My eldest son has been to this bar with me previously on a Bayern Munich match day and is also up for a return visit, so I may go for a daytime visit again so he can come along too.

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Krombacher Dunkel (4.3%) - a rich, malty, complex dark beer
2) Erdinger Hefe Dunkel Weissbier (5.3%) - a full-bodied, rich, smooth dark beer
3) Erdinger Hefe Weissbier (5.3%) - a premium wheat beer
Number of visits : 1st / 1 previous at this actual bar

The Ship & Shovell

As it was RT's first meet-up with us in a while and he is not too familiar with the area I said that I would meet up with him before we went to the Bavarian Beerhouse. I thought that I would like that return visit to the Ship & Shovell promised to myself a couple of weeks back.

1-3 Craven Passage, London WC2N 5PH

We only had the one beer here before we moved on, but it was a lovely pint in a very busy setting. We had to prop up the bar between the central and right hand pillars of the bar, but managed to grab a seat to finish our pints after only a few minutes.

After we had finished at the Bavarian Beerhouse we all went our separate ways, but as MB lives only one stop down the train line from me, and it was still early, we decided to grab a couple more pints back here at the Ship.  MB had not been in here before, so it was a nice surprise for him. A couple of pints here went down very well after all the German fare.

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Ruby Rustler (4.1%) - Badger Brewery (Hall & Woodhouse), Dorset - a rich, fruity session beer
2) First Call (4.0%) - Badger Brewery - a fresh, citrus and spicy ale

Number of visits : 2nd

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