Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Long Pond

The Long Pond - Saturday 24th October 2015

110 Westmount Road, Eltham, London, SE9 1UT
This deceptively large micro-pub is situated in a fairly easy position to get to. On a cold evening, pouring with rain I managed to get to the pub from Eltham railway station after a five to ten minute walk. MB my long-term drinking buddy was delivered from door-to-door by the B16 bus that also runs right outside my house. We both returned home by bus as the stop to go the other way is situated directly opposite - a result when it is pouring with rain.

This is a standard fare micropub but it somehow seems to do it better than the others locally to where I live. Although they have the same policies (no lager, no mobile phones, no music) it has much more of an atmpsphere that the others I have been to (other than my still favourite One Inn the Wood). From a purely observational point-of-view I have noticed that the micropubs that have a better atmosphere seem to have more staff. This may be due to the fact that they are naturally busier or better laid out to encourage conversation, but the greater number of staff seems to lead itself to a better atmosphere.

Anyway, this evening I arrived a bit early and had a good chat with the owner and his wife (?) about the pub and how it is doing; all seems very positive. I then got involved in a couple more conversations with regulars as they made their way to the bar which I was propping up waiting for MB.

When MB arrived, we adjourned to a table in a small side room that gives this pub its larger footprint. We managed to down four pints and partook of one of the three very tasty pork pies on offer (plain pork, pork with quail's egg and pork with cheese). We plumped for the plain pork pie due to MB's dislike of egg. They also offer the usual nuts and crisp style bar snacks for sharing.

The beer board was very busy and quite lengthy, and inlcluded a cider. They also offer a variety of wine for those that do not like beer or prefer smething different on occasion. We started at the top, but whne we got onto our final pint, the one we ordered was off, so we had its replacement. Unfortunately I cannot remember a thing about it as I didn't order the beer and it was not written up on the blackboard.

Beers drunk on this visit:

1) Pond Life (3.6%) - House Beer, Tonbridge - a good seesion bitter
2) Yellow Zinger (3.7%) - Hop Fuzz Brewery, Hythe, Kent - a session pale ale
3) Farmhouse Pale (4.2%) - Ripple Steam, Sutton-by-Dover, Kent - a light, nutty, pale ale
4) Unknown

Visits : 1st

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