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The Bavarian Beerhouse

The Bavarian Beerhouse (Old Street) - Saturday 28th November 2015

There are at least three of these authentic-ish Bavarian beerhouses that I know of; two in London and one in Bristol. They are part of a franchise and judging by previous visits to each of the bars they are very popular. On this occasion, I met up with one of my old drinking/rugby buddies SH for an evening of Bavarian fun and beer. We have both been to this particular beerhouse on three occasions and I have also visited the sister bar in Tower Hill.

190 City Rd, London EC1V 2QH
The beerhouse is in a cellar and is actually a lot larger than it appears it would be from the outside. The tables are a lot smaller than I am used to at Oktoberfest but I can understand the need for smaller tables to fit in more paying customers at the London bars. The main bar is impressive as it runs the length of the primary hall and has several taps for the fairly large variety of German beers on offer.

SH and I were seated at a small round table to the right of the pillar in the photo above.

As we were still coming down from our visit to the great Oktoberfest a month or so back, so we decided to pump ourselves up on Bavarian goodness again on our latest meet-up.

The beers come in about four different sizes (that I could see around me on the nearest tables); the standard 1 litre stein (or maas), the half-litre tall glass, a huge 3 or 4 litre glass and a boot shaped glass. I started on a half-litre glass of Erdinger weissbier an dwhen SH arrived we then procveeded to get through 2 maas each. However, knowing that we would be having a bit of a session, we made sure we ate as we drank. We both started with a pretzel, followed by a three-sausage on sauerkraut starter before finalling hitting a main course of jaeger schnitzel with fries.

The evening passed very quickly due to the great atmosphere and friendliness of the staff (thanks Eva). Music on this occasion was provided by the sound system - maybe the oompah band arrived after we left? I did manage to catch an oompah band on my previous visit.

Beers drunk on this visit :

1) Weissbier (5.3%), Erdinger Weissbrau, Bavaria - a flavoursome, refreshing wheat beer
Visits: 1st / a few previous

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