Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Door Hinge

The Door Hinge - Saturday 5th September

11 Welling High St, Welling, Kent DA16 1TR
This was the first of the new micro-pubs that I visited. At the time, it was the only one available in the area and it turned out to be a breath of very fresh air on the Bexley pub scene. This was the one that set the benchmark for others to follow: real ale, no lager, no music, no mobile phones, just good old-fashioned conversation with friends in a great atmosphere.

On this particular visit I got to the pub half-an-hour before my mates and had a chat with the landlord and the pub-goers already there. It turned out to be a quiet night for a Saturday, just me, a few of my running friends (CM, NW, TJ), a table of four other fellas and a married(?) couple who were later replaced by another couple. That said, it was still lively in there and we all joined in each other's conversations on occasion.

The only problem on this particular visit was the limited beer menu - only three ales were listed on the board and one turned out to be off when I ordered a pint (the last in the barrel unfortunately). However, the session ale I was drinking, of which I had three pints, went down very smoothly and my mates enjoyed it too. The reason for the lack of beer was that Tranmere Rovers had come down to play Welling United (the football ground is almost opposite the pub) and their fans filled the pub before and after kick-off. As a result, they had drunk the place almost dry. Ray, the landlord, was more than happy for a quiet evening shift after such a busy day.

Beers drunk on this visit:

1) M.P.A. (3.7%) - J W Lees Brewery, Middleton, Greater Manchester - a malty, fruity, golden ale

Visits: 1st / a few previous

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