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The Great Welling Beer Festival : 31st July - 2nd August

The Great Welling Beer Festival at The Guy, Earl of Warwick

This entry will be a double post as I will be commenting on both the beer festival and the pub that it was held in.
This is a relatively new beer festival - it is only just on its fourth year, but it seems to have become a very popular feature in the local calendar. The fun games and local bands that play at this festival add a great party atmosphere to what I normally find are actually quite boring events that carry the name 'festival'. They are cover bands and play a great variety of tunes from the 60s to the 90s and beyond, so that everyone has something in the eclectic mix that they will enjoy listening to. Anyway, after a few beers, most people are in the party spirit and are busy enjoying themselves.

This is the third GWBF event that I have been to (I missed the first one), and as usual I got to keep the glass (the proceeds of entry go to charity via the Welling Round Table). I am slowly building a small collection of beer fest glasses, but for some reason the first couple of dozen I went to I did not keep the glasses - I cannot remember if that was through choice or whether they had to be handed back to be honest.

This year on offer was a great variety (30) of ales, (8) ciders and a few lagers in addition to teh beers that the Guy Earl of warwick usually sells. I managed to sample 4 of them to myself and took a quick taste of one other from MB my drinking buddy for the night.

Park View Road, Welling, Kent, DA16 1TB

I do not regularly go to this pub as there are so many more that I prefer in the area. They do have a couple of ales on tap but on this occasion, due to the beer festival, I only used the pub for buying the obligatory pork scratchings and for using the facilities.

It is a large pub which plays my favoured kind of music (heavy metal) on the juke box but I have never really considered it a local watering hole - I think I will nee to visit a little more often. All I can say though, is that because of its large garden they can host such a great event.

Beers drunk on this visit:

1) Samba (3.7%), Leeds Brewery, Leeds - A blonde bitter with fruity undertones
2) Citra (4.1%), Caveman, Swanscombe, Kent - A hoppy pale ale with citrus flavours
3) Pickwick (4.2%), Mauldons, Suffolk - A tawny bitter with a hops and fruit flavour
4) Saisonniers (4.5%), Hop Stuff, London SE18 - this is labelled MAD in the brochure an dit certainly is! Absolutely mental flavours of rosemary and thyme - but it works!

Beers also tasted on this visit:

1) Potbelly Best Bitter (3.8%), Potbelly, Northants - a chestnut bitter with a nice malty taste
2) Howbury (4.5%), Bexley, Kent - an amber ale with an international blend of hops rounded off with a citrus flavour

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Pub Visits: 1st / several previous

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