Sunday, 23 August 2015

Notes on Statistics etc.

As I have hit a fairly pub-free patch at the moment, I thought I would keep things ticking over by sharing how I will resolve some of the stats on this blog. There are a couple of things I would like to share on this post...

Number of Visits...

At the bottom of each pub review is a little statistic that details the amount of visits I have made to that particular establishment. Before the slash is the amount of times I have visited the pub/festival etc. since I started up the blog and after the slash is an approximation of the amount of visits prior to starting the blog (unless I can actually remember the exact figure).

The first number is easy to keep track of but the second statistic/statement is worked out according the table below...

A few : approximately 3 or 4 previous visits
Several : up to around a dozen visits
A dozen : from around a dozen to twenty visits
Dozens : more than twenty visits

These numbers are not exact as I have several decades of visiting drinking establishments under my belt and I will have lost count of the amount of times I have visited some of the featured establishments. However, these stats will serve to remind me which pubs I have visited previously and how often, which shows how popular they are/were with me in the past.

I will eventually create pages on this blog to list all of the pubs I have visited by area. This list will also include a link to the pub's website and more information about the establishment by way of easily gathered stats. All of this should allow me to aid my failing memory and allow you, dear reader, to plan for a drink i a new pub if you happen to be in the area.

How I Drink Beer...

This is not as daft as it sounds. Yes, like everyone else, I open my mouth, pour it in, savour it a bit and then swallow. However, there is actually a method to how and what I drink during an evening's session.

I was told many moons ago that real ale should be drunk in order of alcoholic content - I do not know if this is particularly the true and official way to drink beer but I have stuck to it and not gone wrong. If I recall correctly I was told that this was because as beers got stronger the flavour also becomes more obvious. So, if a weaker beer is drunk after a stonger beer then it is more likely to taste 'soapy' or be rather flavourless.

So, when I head into a decent pub with several beers on offer (usually chalked up on a black board of some sort, again usually in order of alcoholic content) I check out the menu and start at the bottom. I pick out the beers I wish to try and work my way up through the percentages. If there is a particularly strong one I wish to try, I usually drink it last and usually only a half. I find I can only drink porters nowadays by the half anyway, so if I fancy one, they are usually last on my list for that particular session.

I hope you find these little snippets useful and that they go a little way to explaining some of the things that may seem arbitrary on the blog.

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