Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Taplow Horn

Welcome to the Taplow Horn - A place where I will log my forays into the world of beer and ale.

This blog has come about because I have such a terrible memory. From time-to-time, I enjoy a decent pint (or three), in a nice boozer with old (and soon-to-be new) friends. Unfortunately, I can never quite remember what I drank, or where I went, or even when I visited said establishment. So, I am hoping this little blog will act as a reminder to me of my short trips to beer heaven.

After my sporadic trips to the pub I will attempt, within the next day or so, to write down a quick review of the hostelry itself along with a quick run down of the beers that I drank on that particular evening. I will try to include a few pictures of the pub and beers drunk as an aide-de-memoire for further trips and in the hope that someone out there in the blogosphere might find it useful in case there is a need for an evening's entertainment at short notice.

So without further ado, here follows an entry about a trip to a couple of local establishments last Saturday...

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